2-Piece Flying Noir Chocolate Caramel Favor in handpainted box

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Double pairings of beauty and originality with natural color and fine chocolate. These are handpainted bonbons in a box painted by the chocolatier, with the option for your intials handwritten on the box band. For large orders, you may request handpainted box colors to approximate those used in your wedding/event.

Pictured here: the eros, a creamy slow cooked caramel with Mariage Freres tea (hibiscus and mallow) in 75% organic dark chocolate from a small cooperative in Ecuador and the mikita: solid 42% dark milk chocolate with bits of cardamom and a hint of ghost chilli sea salt.

Other flavors and colors also possible.

Note that designs will vary as each is an original.

One week minimum for single orders, longer dependent on size of order placed.

If customized with text, please specify 2 initials, to be handwritten on the box band. Complete the Text form above.