Dust To Dust (Pleasantly Dark) – 150ct

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“Death By Chocolate” has nothing on this truffle, with its deep dark 70% fresh cream ganache, infused with tiny bits of cacao nibs (imparting a gentle crunch), and dusted with a rich, Black Onyx cocoa powder.  Pop this black morsel, take a bite, and experience its luxurious creaminess.  You’ll feel as though you’ve melted thru those pearly gates and dripped into “chocolate heaven”.  “Dust To Dust”…for those who relish the not too sweet taste of pure, rich, smooth, dark chocolate.

Pairs nicely with a chocotini, or hot coffee.

Bulk case of 150 pieces so that you may customize to your use.  Suggestions: part of dessert course, Petit Four plate on guest table, on a dessert table, or create your own look and pack them in your own boxes.