BridalGold-NoDateQ: How are the products and sellers decided?

A: All of the curated chocolates and confections in our Chocolate Bridal Registry are specially selected and many have won multiple awards in the TasteTV’s Bridal Chocolate Salon competitions. We consider them the Best of the Best, and exactly what you deserve and expect for a special day, gift or event.The judges of these competitions are leading wedding  and bridal experts from around the United States.

Q: Do I need to have an account to purchase or have a gift registry?

A: You do not need an account to view items, add to your shopping cart, or purchase items. You do need to set up an account to create a gift registry.

Q: Can I have my selections personalized or customized, for example, with my name?

A: Because they are designed specifically for weddings and special events, a large number of listed items can be personalized customized, and those that can be include this in their descriptions or options, as well as how to proceed. 

Q: Why should I use the Chocolate Registry and not another site?

A: It is true there are many choices available, but this site has the only selection of curated chocolates and confections that have been specially selected and  have won multiple awards in TasteTV’s Bridal Chocolate Salon competitions.They are artisan made, and  designed specifically for weddings, bridal showers, and other special events.We consider them the Best of the Best, and exactly what you deserve and expect for a special day or event.

Q: Can I cancel or return orders?

A: Cancellation and Return policies are on a chocolatier by chocolatier basis. Please see their Shop Policies for details. In general, few food companies in online marketplaces accept return of perishable items, however this does vary by company. 

Q: Can I set up my own shop if  I have a Customer account?

A: In order to be a seller for the Website or the Services, you must be invited, and only award winners from Bridal Chocolate Salon competitions are currently members.


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